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Product Pipeline

The primary goal of CyTuVax is to develop effective vaccines, for which there is a high medical need. Our adjuvant technology can be applied in both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines and is especially designed to enhance vaccine effectivity.
Based on this adjuvant technology, CyTuVax is developing a product pipeline in the field of infectious diseases and oncology.

Adjuvant technology

The basis of CyTuVax technology is the innovation of cytokine macroaggregates. These macroaggregates of cytokines deliver highly concentrated burst of cytokines to the immune cells which mimic the native communication process between immune cells. Moreover, these cytokine macroaggregates release the microaggregates of cytokines slowly, which ensure multiple rounds of immunogenic stimulation. CyTuVax is currently using a multi-cytokine adjuvant as basis for its preclinical and clinical therapeutic vaccine trials.

Viral and bacterial vaccines

HBAI20 - Hepatitis B Adjuvanted Vaccine

This vaccine aims to improve the immunogenicity of standard Hepatitis B vaccines by addition of depot-attached IL-2 macroaggregates.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that eventually lead to liver cell carcinoma (Liver cancer). In this regard, CyTuVax has successfully finished Phase 1 clinical study of HBAI20, a specialized vaccine for people who were initially non-responders to standard hepatitis B vaccination. To read more about this study, see the publication of O. Koc et al. (2018).
The phase 1 clinical trial showed that the HBAI20 vaccine was well tolerated among study participants and induced protective anti-hepatitis B-antibody titers in 9 out of 10 participants who were initially non-responders to standard hepatitis B vaccines.

CyTuVax is currently investigating, in a phase 2 clinical trial, the efficacy of the HBAI20 vaccine to induce seroprotection and compare the safety of the HBAI vaccine with the standard hepatitis B vaccination.

New vaccines in developments are a hepatitis B vaccine for immunocompromised patients (diabetes, renal failure-, transplant- and HIV-patients) and a hepatitis B vaccine for adults with a 2-dose vaccine regimen.

Therapeutic cancer vaccines

PanCaVax - Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine

As a first cancer vaccination therapy, CyTuVax is developing the pancreatic cancer vaccine - PanCaVax - together with the MUMC Maastricht and the UniKlinik Aachen. The composition of PanCaVax is a multi-cytokine adjuvant and a personalised vaccine target (mRNA encoding for neo-antigens of the patient’s pancreatic tumor.

This vaccine is initially meant for early stage pancreatic cancer patients that undergo surgery as a primary treatment. To develop the vaccine target, autologous tumor cells of patients will be sequenced for identification of neo-antigens that will be applied as mRNA or overlapping long peptides.
PanCaVax is developed within the sister company AdjuTec BV.


Another target is the development of a vaccine against melanoma, for which promising preclinical studies have been completed.