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An Emerging Vaccination Technology Company

CyTuVax is a young, clinical stage vaccine company, developing solutions to which there is a high medical need. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with top European research institutions to explore the wide applicability of our technology to develop and enhance the effectiveness of vaccines.

Our adjuvant technology induces powerful immune responses, both humoral and cellular, and can be applied in prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine concepts. The powerful adjuvant increases immune responses to higher levels, widely improves the quality of standard vaccines, and decreases the number of vaccine injections.

Our Mission

 CyTuVax uses its adjuvant technology to develop both: prophylactic vaccines against viral & bacterial pathogens, and therapeutic vaccines against cancer. That is our mission, for which there is a high medical need. The patient is at the core in our vaccine development for which we apply our powerful adjuvant platform technology.

Latest news

showCyTuVax has shown the strength of its vaccine adjuvant technology in the Phase 2 clinical trial of a vaccine for hepatitis B non-responders
Press release 17-06-2019

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