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CyTuVax cytokine macro-aggregates

The basis of CyTuVax technology is the cytokine macroggregates invention. These macroaggregates of cytokines deliver highly concentrated burst of cytokines to the immune cells which mimic the native communication process between immune cells. Simultaneously, these cytokine macroaggregates are slow to release the micro-aggregates of cytokines which ensure multiple rounds of immune stimulation. CyTuVax is currently using IL-2, IL-4, IL-12, GM-CSF, and IFN-alpha as cytokines in its pre-clinical and clinical trials.

PanCaVax - Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine

This vaccine has been developed for early stage pancreatic cancer patients that undergo surgery as a primary treatment. The vaccine consists of irradiated autologous tumor cells, that serve as target for the immune system, and the depot-attached cytokine macro-aggregates as immune stimulator.

HBAI20 - Hepatitis B adjuvanted vaccine

This vaccine aims to improve the immunogenicity of current Hepatitis B vaccines by addition of depot-attached IL-2 macro-aggregates. HBAI20 is currently being tested on a phase 1 clinical trial at the Maastricht Hospital (MUMC) to access its safety and immunogenicity. The target population of HBAI20 are people unable to develop immunity against Hepatitis B with the use of the current vaccine or individuals that require a faster regime of vaccination.

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showCyTuVax is currently testing its vaccine technology in a clinical Phase 2 study of a vaccine for hepatitis B non-responders

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