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CyTuVax’ is expanding its clinical and business partnerships to enlarge the potential of its vaccination platform technology.


CyTuVax is developing the pancreas cancer vaccine PanCaVax with both clinical and business partners. CyTuVax is cooperating with Prof. Waldemar Uhl of the Pancreas Cancer Center of the University Hospital Bochum and with Prof. Eric van Cutsem of the University Hospital Leuven. Business partners are Pharmacell (GMP cell manufacturing) and Basic Pharma (GMP adjuvant manufacturing).

Viral – Bacterial Vaccines

CyTuVax is now testing its HBAI20 vaccine for Hepatitis B non-responders in a Phase I clinical study. This study is conducted in close cooperation with the Department of Medical Microbiology of the Maastricht University Medical Center.

CyTuVax’ vaccination technology is also being tested in a preclinical study in the US for an application in a HIV vaccine.


CyTuVax is open to collaborations with scientific groups and vaccine companies to further explore the wide applicability of its cytokine-depot attached adjuvant and vaccination technology in (pre-) clinical projects.

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showCyTuVax is currently testing its vaccine technology in a clinical Phase 2 study of a vaccine for hepatitis B non-responders

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