An Emerging Vaccination Technology Company

CyTuVax has developed a powerful vaccination technology that can be applied in vaccines against cancers and against viral/bacterial pathogens.
The distinctive feature of the vaccine technology is the application of cytokine aggregates as immune stimulators (adjuvant). This results in a highly improved antigen up-take by dendritic cells (DCs) for a powerful activation of immune ‘killer’ cells. DCs also deposit these cytokine-aggregates directly into the lymph node, which enhances the activation of T-cells to its natural limits. No competitive immunotherapy technology is able to bring cytokines inside the lymph node to induce a powerful immune response against the tumor.

CyTuVax’s main focus in the field of oncology is the development of PanCaVax - pancreatic cancer vaccine. Another cancer target is a vaccine against melanoma, for which promising preclinical studies have been completed.

CyTuVax is developing viral and bacterial vaccines. In preclinical studies the effectiveness of the vaccination technology was demonstrated in animal models of hepatitis B, Anthrax, Tetanus- and Diphtheria toxoids. The CMV (cytomegalovirus) vaccine is our next priority for a new vaccine product in order to reduce CMV caused complications in CMV negative transplant recipients.

CyTuVax’s first clinical study is a Hepatitis B vaccine for non-responders - HBAI20. The HBAI20 targets persons that did not develop immunity after at least 6 vaccinations with a registered hepatitis B vaccine. The interim results reveal that in the non-responder arm of the study, 60% of the subjects have developed protective immunity after only 2 vaccinations. Final data of this study are expected in Q3, 2016.